Work Begins To Redevelop The South Bank's Shell Centre

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Work Begins To Redevelop The South Bank's Shell Centre

Did you know that there's a £1.3bn redevelopment taking place behind the London Eye? Construction work on the old Shell Centre site began in earnest this week, to eventually bring 800 new homes, offices, shops and dining spots.

Plans to redevelop the Shell Centre prompted many column inches when first proposed, thanks to the blocky, high-density designs in such a high-profile area. Simon Jenkins — ever the critic of anything over three storeys —  described the scheme as 'a visual wall of towers on a truly Stalinist scale'. The fight to overturn the scheme was dubbed the Battle of Waterloo.

The plans were finally approved last year, and demolition around the main tower has been ongoing. Now, the foundation works are underway on a development that will be known, with irritating predictability, as Southbank Place.

The development will include seven new blocks clustered around the existing Shell Tower (from 1961), which will be refurbished. Lest we think the whole shebang is just another investment opportunity for the rich and privileged, the scheme will also include a new 'public' square and walkways plus plenty of cafes and the like. The complex will also include 98 affordable homes, with another 70 built off-site on Lollard Street.

Completion of the scheme, a joint venture between Canary Wharf Group and Qatari Diar Real Estate Investment Company, is due for 2019.

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Jenkins was right. The current building is impressively monolithic (just the exterior, I've no idea how well it works inside) and makes a good match for the other Shell building over the river. The new ones are bog-standard towers of glass and balconies. I assume none of the affordable ones have the balconies.

Melvyn Windebank

The site also includes the Shell Centre entrance to Waterloo underground station with plans to replace fixed middle stairs with an escalator . It's a pity opportunity is not being taken to include lift access with lift to at least Bakerloo Northbound or Northern Line .Bakerloo Southbound already has step free access but it seems because stations south of Waterloo are not accessible tfl don't show this on step free access map .

splinterteal - web designer

honestly, who'd wanna live there? it's packed with tourists pretty much all year round, traffic is huge, not to mention noise levels


But why are they so ugly?
It it impossible for the planning authorities to insist on something that adds to London's beauty rather than detracts from it?


Central London .... no! To many people.