Nerd Nite: The Most Eclectic Evening In Town

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Nerd Nite: The Most Eclectic Evening In Town

How about an evening out that mixes vintage projection devices, quantum mechanics and power struggles in Nepalese households? Also, there will be booze.

That's Nerd Nite London, a monthly gathering of the curious that takes place at Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green.

Three speakers each have 21 minutes to astound with their topics. This month, Mike Harrison of tells us how, from the 1950s to the 1990s, a "single company dominated the large-screen video projectionmarket with a barely practical device called the Eidophor".

He's joined by a trio from Imperial College, who will attempt to explain quantum superpositions, the weird physics whereby small objects can exist in more than one state at the same time (think Schrödinger's cat).

If heavy science leaves you gasping for a human story, then a UCL researcher known only as Lu is on hand to describe a social experiment in Nepal. More than 10,000 pregnant women were given cash to help raise their children in good health. Interviews later revealed how this affected the families, sometimes leading to domestic power struggles over the money.

Nerd Nite London is at Museum of Childhood, Bethnal Green on 20 April 2016, doors from 6.30pm. Tickets £6 in advance. @nerdnitelondon, Facebook.

Last Updated 11 April 2016