Mayoral Election Digest: The Gloves Come Off

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 33 months ago
Mayoral Election Digest: The Gloves Come Off
Spirit of Kent?! Wrong bit of the country, Zac.

There's less than three weeks of electioneering to go. If you're exhausted keeping up, here's what's been going on.

They said what?

Zac Goldsmith learned a big lesson this week: always check your own house is in order before slagging off your opponent. At a debate, Goldsmith accused Sadiq Khan of poor judgement because of the Labour man's support against Babar Ahmad's extradition to the US, and also for sharing a platform with imam Suliman Gani, whom Goldsmith described as "repellent". Footage later emerged of Goldsmith speaking up for Ahmad in 2012 and posing for a selfie with Gani. Oops.

Still, at least this coded dogwhistling allowed Khan — or someone in his campaign — to demonstrate his sense of humour.

Sian Berry was stricken with a nasty cold this week, but recovered enough to announce policies about small businesses and a Bank for London. Zac was also out announcing policies for business and jobs this week.

Caroline Pidgeon wants to put free wifi on all London's buses, trams and at bus stops, which would be paid for by sponsorship like on the tube. Sounds good to us.

See the candidates

There are two televised debates this week. Tune into BBC1 at 10.45pm on Monday for BBC London's debate hosted by Andrew Neil, and to London Live at 7pm on Thursday for another one.

Register to vote

Monday 18 April is the last day to register to vote — make sure you're signed up!

Elsewhere on Londonist

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