Have You Given Blood Recently?

By Zoe Craig Last edited 35 months ago
Have You Given Blood Recently?
Opening Tooting's new Blood Donor Centre: Mike Stredder, Director of Blood Donation; Chi Crawford and her mum Diane who received life-saving blood during her pregnancy; and Anil Mathew, area manager for Surrey and West Sussex

Londoners who live in and around Tooting are being urged to give blood at a new Donor Centre in St George's Hospital.

Donating life-saving supplies of blood is now easier, with the reconfigured centre reducing waiting times and increasing capacity. There's increased parking too, improving accessibility.

Tooting's new Blood Donor Centre.

There is a particular need for more donors from black and Asian backgrounds and platelet donors with A Rh (A-) and AB Rh negative (AB-) blood groups.

If you've never given blood before and wonder what it's like, take a look at our video. Then book an appointment and do something amazing today.

Last Updated 12 April 2016