Happy Birthday, Shakespeare: Brilliant And Barmy Bits Of Bardolatry

By Zoe Craig Last edited 35 months ago
Happy Birthday, Shakespeare: Brilliant And Barmy Bits Of Bardolatry

Happy birthday, Will.

Why not celebrate 400 years since the great man's death (and, incidentally, his birthday too) with one of these brilliantly bonkers tributes to the Bard.

Raise a toast to Mr Shakespeare with this 'light easy drinking beer with a slightly spicy and delicate floral bitterness' from the Warwickshire Beer Company.
Shakespeare's County Beer, British Library, £3.50

Because nothing says 'I'm a serious student of Shakespeare' like a duck inscribed 'To quack or not to quack...'
Shakespeare Rubber Duck, British Library, £6

Seriously clever stuff from the TfL and Shakespeare's Globe teams, this. Shakespeare buffs can get endless pleasure from tracing characters, genres and themes around the map.
Shakespeare Underground Map Print, Shakespeare's Globe, £14.99


'I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it,' says Celia in As You Like It. Never a truer word spoken about the ever-brilliant Shakespeare's Globe.
I Like This Place Mug, Shakespeare's Globe, £10


If you've ever thought of getting a Shakespeare quote as a tattoo, here's the perfect way to test what it might look like before you go for the full, permanent ink. There's six tattoos in the pack, including a 'To be, or not to be' classic, as well as 'The rest is silence' and, our favourite, 'This above all; to thine own self be true'.
Hamlet Temporary Tattoos, £7.99

Because if you don't want a rubber duck Shakespeare, maybe you're tempted by a Bard-shaped biscuit?
Shakespeare Cookie Cutter, £7.95

Celebrate that most emo of Shakespeare plays with this quote-decorated candle.
Hamlet Candle, £6.99


More whimsical than the TfL map launched this month (April 2016), this Greater Shakespeare diagram from back in 2007 used the tube map as a theme, rather than recreating the whole thing. It's still lots of fun: we like the little unisex toilets symbol by the cross-dressing characters.
Greater Shakespeare Mug and Tea towel, RSC, £8.99 and £6.99

Simple, but effective. Put your Oyster in the care of the face that coined the phrase.
First folio Oyster Card Holder, British Library, £3

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Last Updated 23 April 2016