Whales And Tiger And Bears Come To East London

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 92 months ago
Whales And Tiger And Bears Come To East London
Polar bear by Jim Vision

Colour was added to some rather drab railway arches in Tower Hamlets this weekend, in the form of murals depicting endangered species of animals.

The Endangered 13 project came to Ackroyd Drive in Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park, where a selected group of street artists each took over a bricked-up railway arch. Further artwork will be added on Wednesday.

The project aims to raise awareness of species of animals which are endangered. The location is apt — Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park is home to more species of butterfly than anywhere else in London.

The artworks are impressive on their own but, as organiser Charlotte Webster pointed out, if they were to depict every one of the 23,000 endangered species, the railway arches would have to stretch from Tower Hamlets to Cardiff.

Take a look at some of the animal artworks below. They're free to view on an ongoing basis.

Grey-breasted parakeet by Faunagraphic
Blue whale by Louis Masai
Asian elephant by Andy Council
Sumatran orang utan by Fiya One
Bees by Carrie Reichardt
Tiger by Vibes
Rhino by Louis Masai

Last Updated 11 April 2016