Does Music Make Beer Taste Better?

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 32 months ago
Does Music Make Beer Taste Better?

Music = good. Beer = good. So does music + beer = gooder beer?

That's what up to 250 beer drinkers/music lovers will be trying to work out next month at UBREW in Bermondsey, when they sample a session IPA specially created by Island Records.

Rather than a blind taste test, people will sample the IPA with three different audio settings: no music, a specially-compiled playlist, and a live acoustic set.

Says brewer Robin Pearson, who was hired by Island Records to create the beer, "I decided on a session IPA to give the beer a bright tropical and citrus fruit flavour that picks up on the Jamaican heritage and the palm tree logo that defines the label. I also thought the idea of a session IPA sits well with a beer for a record label."

Wilf Horsfall, UBREW co founder added: "We all know beer makes music sound better. How else do bands like Mötley Crüe or Limp Bizkit make their money? Through the lubricating effect that beer has on the ears, of course. No sober human would ever put themselves through that.

"But does it work the other way? Can music make beer taste better? We want to find out."

Obviously there's no exact science behind this test — but any old excuse to combine music and beer is a good thing in our book.

The boozy experiment takes place at UBREW, Old Jamaica Business Estate, 24 Old Jamaica Road, SE16 4AW on 5 May from 6.30pm-11pm. Tickets £6.34, including a free glass of Island Records Session IPA

Last Updated 26 April 2016