How To Build A Beautiful London Blog In Under An Hour

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How To Build A Beautiful London Blog In Under An Hour

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Squarespace.

We like a challenge here at Londonist.

So when the guys from Squarespace suggested we could build a beautiful London blog in under an hour, we wanted to try.

Taking inspiration from the 'other side' of Peckham, we decided to build a showcase for the greener bits of our beloved part of town.

Setting up a Squarespace site was hugely satisfying and surprisingly easy.

Their beautifully designed interface actually inspired us to create a similarly gorgeous site: with great templates to choose from, building a high-quality, well-designed website felt simple.

After registering for a free trial and choosing the template design, we selected the site goals.

In this case, as we only had an hour, we plumped for memories and ideas, but with more time, we can imagine getting really excited about using a Squarespace site to promote a business or sell products.

Throughout the process, we felt well supported by the Squarespace team: emails like the one below gave us the confidence to get it right.

Within the hour, we were able to upload four separate blog posts about our beloved Peckham.

Adding images through the intuitive interface was straightforward, knowing Squarespace would take care of resizing and displaying our pictures to make them look, frankly, better than our original snaps.

Connecting our fledgling site to our existing social media channels was also easy to do: within a few clicks, our Instagram and Flickr accounts were linked up.

And here's the final product: within an hour, we'd built a (surprisingly) beautiful homage to Peckham.

We can only imagine what someone with more time could achieve: we'd love to see what you guys are able to come up with.

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Last Updated 13 April 2016