Black Cab Drivers Rerecord Amy Winehouse Classic For Campaign

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 24 months ago
Black Cab Drivers Rerecord Amy Winehouse Classic For Campaign

Black cab drivers have rerecorded Amy Winehouse's hit Back To Black, with new words encouraging people to go "back to black cabs".

The accompanying video, produced by manufacturer of the iconic vehicles London Taxi Company, spearheads a new campaign and manifesto (PDF) to encourage the next Mayor of London to "take a serious and long term approach to London’s roads and Taxi policy".

The #StayFareMayor campaign is the first time the leading players in the trade — cab drivers, tech companies and the manufacturer — have come together to produce a plan for the future.   

"We sincerely hope that whoever enters City Hall as the next mayor will get behind our recommendations and help us deliver a faster, smarter and greener taxi service for London," says a LTC spokesman.

Reworking the Camden singer's track was supported by Winehouse's father Mitch, a black cab driver.

Last Updated 18 April 2016


who is the singer on this version?

Gary Aw

Mitch Winehouse should either release the rest of the NYJO Amy songs he has or go Back to his black cab and drive far away.

Be prepared -"if" the "Letter to Amy" film he's said he's doing every sees daylight it chances are it will be full of propaganda and re writing history and putting himself in a good light.By his own admissions he wasn't there much when Amy was growing up and he was 1000s of miles away promoting Mitch Winehouse when Amy passed away - he's self obsessed and would turn up at the opening of an envelope if he knew he would be be in the limelight.If he had any REAL respect for his only daughters memory he would do more to promote her music -but no all he does is waffles on about the bloody foundation trying to ease his own guilty conscience. When Amy was trying to recover in St.Lucia he took a camera crew out there and not for the first time of course we all know why,Amy wasn't happy he did so.Of course he's since been on film himself saying maybe he shouldn't have.On the flip side Janis her mum comes across as a very nice lady.