Oddities Of London's Borough Borders

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 26 months ago
Oddities Of London's Borough Borders
Regent's Park is split between two boroughs. Photo: Matt Brown

If you thought London's 32 boroughs (plus the City of London) were nice and clean cut, think again. Did you know, for example, that one Royal Park is split between two boroughs? So are some of the bridges straddling the Thames. Read on for more weird London boundary facts.

Last Updated 08 March 2016

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clapham common is split between wandsworth and lambeth, too. And I imagine waterloo bridge is split between lambeth and westminster?

Tube Geek

I never knew Tower Bridge was in two! Imagine if they cut down all the boundaries; London would be without some major tourist attractions! Also, are there any Tube stations in two boroughs? If there are I would love to know them!


Not forgetting of course the fact that Hampstead Heath is within the London Borough of Camden, but owned and run by the City of London, and Epping Forest likewise is a bit of a City of London exclave.

City of London also have quite a few blocks of flats out of their area, and a cemetery in London Borough of Newham.

Dominic Pinto

It's not so odd when you dig into and appreciate the history - of old parishes and their boundaries, wards, and that there were various areas carved out not in the parishes for example Royal enclaves and roads, the Templars, the Honour of Savoy, and many other examples that long pre-date the development of modern local government ...... like the vestries in the 19th century, paving commissioners, sewage, the Metropolitan Board of Works, and then the London County Council, and the Metropolitan Boroughs, allowing the the Corporation of London has been largely unaffected since time immemorial, and that's before you get to the GLC, the current 33 London Boroughs (that saw some horse-trading and politics over boundaries) and the City of London . .. and now also the Greater London Authority, and the extension of Transport for London's grip further and further out into the Home Counties.

Dominic Pinto

The Thames was a significant natural boundary, but most of the bridges are the responsibility of the Corporation of London. The big non-Royal Parks were with the GLC, with subsequent sharing following Thatcher's abolition. 2/3 of Covent Garden is in Westminster (the old Parish and then Vestry of St Martin's), 1/3 in Camden (the old Borough of Holborn) ........ the Craft Beer Co. pub is on the corner of High Holborn and Endell Street, and has a door in both Camden and Westminster https://whatpub.com/pubs/NLD/6...