London Mourns Man Who Invented Espresso Martini

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 99 months ago

Last Updated 01 March 2016

London Mourns Man Who Invented Espresso Martini
Espresso Martini, one of the many classic cocktails invented by Dick Bradsell. Photo: tracy benjamin on Flickr.

It was with great sadness that we heard of the passing of London cocktail legend Dick Bradsell over the weekend.

We owe Dick our gratitude for inventing the punchy Espresso Martini, which, the story goes, he created when a model (never named by Dick) turned up at Soho Brasserie on Greek Street, requesting a cocktail that would both “wake her up and fuck her up.”

The cocktail later went on the menu at Damien Hirst's first Pharmacy restaurant (recently reopened as Pharmacy 2) in Notting Hill under the name 'Pharmaceutical Stimulant'.

He worked at the Zanzibar Club in the 70s and later at The Groucho Club, Match Bar, Dick’s Bar (Atlantic Bar and Grill), and most recently at the one and only Pink Chihuahua Bar at El Camion in Soho.

It is widely acknowledged that Dick single handedly revolutionised the London cocktail scene and inspired and schooled many of London's best bartenders.

Dick created many excellent cocktails in addition to the wildly popular coffee tipple, including the Bramble, the Treacle, the Wibble, Russian Spring Punch and the Pink Chihuahua.

We'll certainly be raising a glass or two to Dick this week. A Just Giving Page has also been set up in his honour to raise money for The Benevolent, a drinks industry charity which aims to combat social issues such as homelessness and addiction.