Euston Cider Tap To Be Replaced By Craft Beer Bar

Will Noble
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Euston Cider Tap To Be Replaced By Craft Beer Bar
Photo from Google Street View

London is losing one of its few dedicated cider bars.

The Cider Tap, situated in one of the old gatehouses outside Euston station, is due to be turned into the Northern Tap, a bar specialising in beers from the north of England.

It's strangely fitting: for many, Euston is a gateway to cities such as Manchester and Liverpool.

The rehaul is part of an overhaul by Pivovar Group, which also owns the Euston Tap, the beer bar opposite the Cider Tap.

Both establishments will close for a few weeks (the Cider Tap going first) as they're refitted with larger windows, and  — thank the lord — superior toilets.

They should both be up and running again by early May.

The loss of the Cider Tap will be a blow to lovers of the drink, who are probably still mourning the Chimes in Pimlico.

But though the city generally seems to be embracing cider — what with the success of purveyors like London Glider Cider and Hawkes — the question is whether anyone wants to go to a bar that has gallons of cider and not much else.

Still, we hope the Northern Bar remembers its predecessor by putting a couple of ciders on tap.

Last Updated 01 March 2016

ASLEF shrugged

The Bree Louise round the western side of Euston has a good selection of ciders (or it did the last time I was there).

Rob Webster

Tragedy! Though that said, the Cider Tap has always felt a bit overshadowed by the Euston Tap - whilst I'd happily spend all evening drinking cider, most people view cider as a 'drink one and move on'. Agreed that the replacement should hang on to a few quality ciders though!

Alan Wilmot

Oh damn!! Spent years having to suffer Strongbow and similar tasteless liquids masquerading as cider and a few months ago was taken to the Euston Tap, with its extensive range of something decent to drink. Since my introduction, I have recommended the Cider Tap, not only for its range of drinks, but its unique building. No-one has bee disappointed by their visit - and now I must tell that that it is closing. What a wicked world!!!!!


So 1995. Everyone knows Cider is gluten free and beer isnt.

The Guy Next Door

About time too !! Who wants to have cider on a cold winter night !!


I will be mortified if this happens. Where will I get my fix of Lillys Beesting? I cannot cope without cider tap. Next it'll be Namco funstation closing and Adriana will get married. Please no!!!!