Chocolate Hand Grenades: The Art Of K-Tee

Tabish Khan
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Chocolate Hand Grenades: The Art Of K-Tee
A mint chocolate grenade. Image courtesy K-tee.

A grenade is a terrifying weapon of war. Although not so much when it's made from chocolate.

These grenades — made to look like they're crafted from chocolate — are the brainchild of British artist K-tee, and will go on exhibition in Shoreditch later in the month.

There will be a limited run of grenades made from ACTUAL chocolate on sale at the gallery.

We spoke to K-tee to find out where this idea came from:

This series stems from when I held a decommissioned grenade a few years back. I was surprised by how small this deadly object was, but also how beautifully engineered it was.

I immediately had a love/hate relationship with it and wondered how I might make the viewer see it in a different light. I'm not trying to make a political statement but weapons like these are unfortunately here to stay, so I wanted to re-purpose them. To forget the evil and to look at the form and appreciate that in different ways.

I thought the shape really leant itself to looking like chocolate, and everyone loves chocolate!

It's not intended to trivialise war, I want the viewer to forget what it represents, and see the curves and lines from a different point of view.

In all the time I've spent working on these sculptures I've never forgotten what they are and their true purpose in life.

But if you must throw a grenade throw a chocolate one.

This grenade's had a bite taken out of it. Image courtesy K-tee.
A close up of these sculptures reveals subtle details. Image courtesy K-tee.

K-tee: Bitter Sweet is on at CNB Gallery (in the basement of the Tramshed restaurant), 32 Rivington Street, EC2A 3LX from 23 March-20 May. Entrance is free. Art fans should also see our most talked about and top 10 exhibitions for March.

Last Updated 09 March 2016