Londoners 60% More Vulnerable To Payday Loans

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Londoners 60% More Vulnerable To Payday Loans

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We all know life in London is a lot more expensive than elsewhere — and unfortunately, so is its end. Protect yourself with British Seniors' simple and fair life insurance policy.

Londoners are more likely than any of their fellow Brits to take out a credit card or payday loan to pay for a funeral, according to a new report by Opinium Research commissioned by British Seniors.

See if you can guess how many of your fellow Londoners get into debt covering the costs of a loved one's funeral when they've got quite enough on their plates already. 5%? 10%?

Not even close. A whopping 40% of Londoners surveyed said they had to take out credit cards or a payday loan (39%) to pay for the funeral of a loved one.

With average funeral costs set to soar by 22% over the decade, now's the time to take your future seriously. 79% of UK adults don't have any contingency plans should the worst happen. Don't be caught unprepared.

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Last Updated 01 March 2016

George Harfleet

Bequeath your body to medical science. No funeral necessary. Do something good at the end of life.

diamond geezer

According to the detailed figures provided elsewhere, only 5% of those surveyed had taken out a credit card or payday loan to pay for a funeral during the last five years.

Congratulations to your headline writer for squeezing a 60% scare-story statistic out of some fairly mundane data.


Or, if you're struggling to cover the cost of a funeral, there is government support...