Starbucks Do Table Service, Take 10 Mins To Make Tea. With No Milk

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 27 months ago
Starbucks Do Table Service, Take 10 Mins To Make Tea. With No Milk
A mug at Starbucks. Photo: Giulia Mulè via the Londonist Flickr pool.

Service at Starbuck’s St. Martin’s Lane branch now goes one step further than scrawling the wrong name on your cup — staff will deliver your chosen beverage to your table.

The new ‘concept store’ is where they are experimenting with a different, more personalised style of service. There’s a wider range of food, coffees and also some alcohol available, but how do they perform when asked for a simple cup of tea?

We visited the branch for a quick brew with 20 minutes to kill, and after 10 minutes waiting for the tea to arrive, we had a second problem — nowhere to ditch the empty teabag. No spoon or saucer arrived, and so we end up walking around the store trying to find somewhere to bin it. Luckily we didn’t want milk (since none was offered) and by the time the tea was cool enough to drink, well, the 20-minute window was up.

Our sad cuppa at Starbucks.

It could be that this is a case of over-complicating the system somewhat. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, or at least give the waiters a bit of training to ensure that a cup of tea can get to a table without problems arising. If the staff can’t show enthusiasm for the change, then why should anyone else?

The move comes after Pret a Manger introduced their evening table service, which by all accounts seems to be about as popular as a soggy sandwich. McDonald’s are also rolling out table service across the country and introducing more customisable burgers, in an effort to keep up with competition from higher-end burger chains.

Last Updated 03 February 2016

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why the hell would you go out to pay extortianate money to drink a cup of tea, London fool.

Tube Geek

I never heard about the wrong name thing!



I was so far happy with Starbucks and names. They got mine right even though I already saw adventurous variations elsewhere.

McDonalds table Service is also offered in my nearest Macces, and it works amazingly! Okay its a rathet smsll one but still. In my opinion it's a great addition

John Drain

What you don't mention is the fact that more and more Starbucks no longer offer ceramic mugs only paper cups. I've complained to Head Office on a number of occasions, and am told you only have to ask. Wrong. They don't have them! They charge a premium price and give a second rate service.

Susan V. Kilburn for people that don't like coffee. Tried it twice, awful brew made to taste even worse by drinking from a horrible paper cup. Terrible food too.