Don't Miss Out On The Last Week Of The Vault Festival

By Londonist Staff Last edited 35 months ago
Don't Miss Out On The Last Week Of The Vault Festival
Image credit: Vaults Festival Facebook page

With just over a week left to go at the Vault Festival — a pic 'n' mix of fringe theatre in the rumbling tunnels underneath Waterloo station — we've picked out a few of the final shows worth popping in for.

It's an appropriately messy climax.

The Vanishing Man — The dark, mysterious tale of an Edwardian magician who wants to disappear completely, in more ways than one. This tragi-comedy by Simon Evans and David Alua interlaces magic and misdirection and probes deeper into the nature of performance and being.

Eggs — Two girls in their 20s are struggling with the fripperies of 21st century life, a mass of too real reality that begins to chip away at their identities. From Florence Keith-Roach, who had a previous hit here with Love To Love To Love You.

The Forest — This immersive show has less to do with trees than the flow of data and the electronic roots that tangle us all together. It promises to be both therapeutic and multi-sensory, while also exploring how your brain works.

Denim — The members of this self-styled 'drag supergroup' go by names like Crystal Vaginova, Electra Cute and Shirley Du Naughty; it's a party is for anyone who can't wait for Eurovision to come around again.

And there are plenty more shows in the caves and coves down there, so dive in for the last week and see what you find before Vault Festival finishes on 6 March.

Last Updated 26 February 2016