A Family Tree Of London Chicken Shops

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A Family Tree Of London Chicken Shops
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Chicken shops are everywhere in London. We don't know why, or how, or what they're up to. What we do know is that they can all be combined into one big family tree of chickendom. You've heard of KFC, and possibly PFC, but did you know that London has a BFC, WFC and even a CFC? Our breadcrumbed friends can come in a cottage, castle, village, valley, palace or planet. Meanwhile, at least a fifth of the US states are roost-mates of Kentucky. And then there's Chickpizz.

Update: we've been alerted to Favourable Fried Chicken in Hither Green. We're tempted to update the chart to include such a specimen. Can anyone suggest other worthy omissions?

Last Updated 21 February 2018

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Julian Tysoe

No Favorite Chicken & Ribs (widespread) or Favorite Fried Chicken (Forest Gate)?


As an American, I'm puzzled by the random states chosen to represent a Chicken style...Ohio? Really? Montana????


I feel you're overlooking the fact that CFC in Kingston is really called CFC Fried Chicken, which presumably means its full title is Chicken Fried Chicken Fried Chicken.

Mark Cooper

My friend is aghast at the omission of Ferfect Fried Chicken in Forest Hill.

Bram Houtenbos

Chickentown in Tottenham should slot in between city and village.

Laura H

Glad to see that Ferfect Fried Chicken in Forest Hill is included! Never been in but the name alone is just superb.


Here is a fine video of the Chicken Shops of East London set to the tune of 'Duelling Banjos'. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?...

Bermondsey James

Putney's 'What a Chicken' may be deserving of a place here?

Kieran Messer

You missed Miami Fried Chicken, which I believe have a couple of branches in South London.


My personal favourite: K2 Chicken on Goldhawk Road


There's Millennium Fried Chicken in Hendon, as frequented by Mark and Jeremy in Peep Show.

Sam Patnelli

You've missed out all the Morley's knock-offs! I've seen Moley's, New Morley's, MMMorleys and just MM Fried Chicken (using the Morley's font and colour schemes). And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head lol


I live in Holloway and therefore I have a geographical superiority and in-depth technical knowledge of the trade. I hearby approve and certify this map. Well done. Now go home and eat some stale chicken that will forever be inferior to our greasy breaded birds.


Is the chicken taking a weird green piss?

Ben Fell

Good work. But you're missing Tennesee (sic) Fried Chicken of Finsbury Park. Which is hilarious to my friends from Tennessee for more than one reason.


Missing Holy PFC on Whitechapel road