Whose London Is It Anyway? Big Questions Tackled By Experts This Month

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Whose London Is It Anyway? Big Questions Tackled By Experts This Month

London: grubby, exciting, expensive, a creative melting pot and a playground for the rich and powerful. This January, Camden People’s Theatre — in conjunction with Londonist — are asking the question: Whose London Is It Anyway? through art, theatre and panel events.

We've already covered the former, so here's what happening with those talks.

It all begins on 19 January with a conversation about HS2: should we embrace the pace or restrain the train? HS2 development director Rupert Walker, Sally Gimson of Camden Council and Matthew Evans from The HS2 Project discuss the line that is planned to cut through north London. Our own transport guru Geoff Marshall chairs.

On 20 January the dilemma of the 'pop-up problem’ is broached with the GLA’s Chenine Bhathena and Felix Mortimer of RIFT: what is the responsibility of artists involved with regeneration?

Should London be independent? asks author Travis Elborough, writer and London poet Tom Chivers, on 21 January.

Another big question: who owns London? is covered on 27 January, with Ground Control author Anna Minton, psychogeographical writer John Rogers and artist Rab Harling discussing public-private space, and ownership in London.

On 30 January join Euston programme manager for Camden Council Mary-Ann Lewis, journalist Frankie Mullin and performance artist extraordinaire Scottee, as they stir the hypothetical porridge of bland reform. With events such as the 'cleansin' of Soho, can London’s distinct subcultures be saved?

The festival closes with a biggie on 31 January. Architect, broadcaster and all-round gent Maxwell Hutchinson, writer on politics, social affairs and economics Dawn Foster, urbanist and campaigner Dr Paul Watt of Birkbeck, and others will be asking how do we solve the housing crisis?

Whose London Is It Anyway? takes place in and around Camden People’s Theatre from 9-31 January.

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