The Oldest Stuff In London

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The Oldest Stuff In London

Last Updated 07 January 2016

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Nicole King

You missed out the Cheshire Cheese off Fleet Street. It Would have filled a gap for the mid-1600s. It's also very accessible.


Wikipedia says Cleopatra's Needle dates from about 1450BC, which is older than the date you give for Sekhmet.

Mike Paterson

Incoming. Put your tin hat on. :-) Agree the pub thing is impossible, but how about Gordon's for oldest wine bar, now a very firm favourite of mine? Re inhabited house, how about the Ancient House, in Walthamstow, c1430, or is that too far in the suburbs? Per something for 1600s (comment below), how about equestrian statue of Charles I, Trafalgar Square. Nice article: I have put Rules and Brown's on my to-visit list.


Great fun reading The Londonist. Keep it up!!