Canary Wharf Is Aglow With Winter Lights

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 77 months ago
Canary Wharf Is Aglow With Winter Lights
These sad looking figures are by a Palestinian artist. They are modelled on refugees fleeing conflict. Copyright Alaa Minawi

In winter there are days when we wonder if the sun comes up at all. So what we need to brighten things up is some light sculptures.

Thankfully, Winter Lights 2016 is on hand to ensure that Canary Wharf comes to life after dark, with butterflies and a giant alien. But if people want to get involved, there will be works that respond to movement and even mobile signals.

There are political works too, such as silhouettes of refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict. The set of sculptures is only on display for just over a week so make sure to pop by before they're gone.

These light pools respond to pressure. So people can jump and step on them to create patterns.
An image is transferred using 2,500 cables. An electronic form of camera obscura. Copyright Gebhard Sengmuller
Dare to step inside this sculpture and both light and sound will bring it to life. Copyright Daan Roosegaarde
Light, water and technology combine to create a legible waterfall. Copyright Julius Popp
These luminous globes connect and interact with each other to create a surreal experience. Copyright Collectif Coin

Winter Lights 2016 is on across the Canary Wharf estate and will run from 11-22 January. The works are best viewed between 4pm-9pm. All works are free to the public. All of the artworks pictured will feature, however these images are of the works in situ at other locations.

Last Updated 10 January 2016

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