Video: Secrets Of Penge

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 27 months ago
Video: Secrets Of Penge

How much do you know about Penge? Geoff Marshall takes you on a tour of the Penge you knew — and the Penge you didn't.

Last Updated 01 April 2016


Where is this guy getting his information from - The first McDonalds was opened in Woolwich not Penge, the 2nd was Seven Sisters, third Catford and 4th Croydon, the Penge branch of McDonalds was opened much later in the next decade, not the 70's

It makes you call into question some of the other information portrayed as "facts" - it is April 1st though so my guess is that this maybe a Londonist April Fools skit

Feathers McGraw

I presume this is an April fool, the first McDonalds was in Woolwich & the first ATM in Enfield.


Its a shame really that this guy (geoff marshall) decided to make a video mocking penge as an April fools joke..I first thought..oh this is nice a vid putting penge in a semi positive light! Then I found out it was a "joke". Im not from penge but have lived her for few years and its not nice to see, for example, an artist have his work discredited for a "joke". Maybe its just me but I found this quite disheartening and immature really.