The Best Of Dagenham In Photos

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Last Updated 23 August 2017

The Best Of Dagenham In Photos
Dagenham Parish Church in Dagenham Village, located close to Old Dagenham Park. Photo: Martin Bull

Historically, Dagenham was in Essex, but we've claimed it as our own and lumped it in with Barking to form the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham. Here we take a look at the area based around what was previously the Parish of Dagenham.

Dagenham Foreshore. Photo: Matt Brown
Dagenham Dock station serves the industrial areas of Dagenham, including the Ford plant. It's in Zone 5 and was opened in 1908. In 1931, a passenger train and freight train collided at the station, killing two people. Dagenham is also served by three Underground stations. Photo: Barry Jones
The Ford plant is one of Dagenham's best-known locations. Complete vehicle assembly ceased here in 2002, but engines are still manufactured here. It's also the location for film (and more recently, musical) Made in Dagenham, about the 1968 strike campaigning for equal pay for women. Photo: Doilum
The Dagenham Idol at Valence House Museum. The wooden statue was found in Dagenham in 1922, and carbon dated to around 2250BC (making it 1,000 years older than Stonehenge). Photo: Martin Bull
Sunset over Dagenham, as seen from the Eurostar. Photo: D1v1d
Dagenham Sunday Market is located behind Barking Power Station and has been running since 2002, with stalls selling food, drink, clothing, sports equipment, toys and more. Photo: Matt Brown
Goresbrook flats. Photo: Will Faichney Photography
The same buildings seen from the A13. Photo: Doilum
Wind turbine over houses. Photo: David Ramkalawon
The Thames Gateway skyline — a testament to the area's industrial heritage. Photo: Manuel

Also worth a mention in Dagenham is this roundabout, which we've always referred to as the "witch's hat" but which apparently teams up with a similar roundabout nearby to be known as "Madonna's bra".