New Yakitori Restaurant Jidori Opens On Soft Launch Tonight

Helen Graves
By Helen Graves Last edited 39 months ago
New Yakitori Restaurant Jidori Opens On Soft Launch Tonight
Tasty things on sticks at Jidori. Photo: Aaron Tilley.

A new yakitori restaurant opens on Kingsland High Street tonight, with 50% off food both tonight and tomorrow. Yakitori is a Japanese chicken preparation, in which the meat is skewered and cooked over charcoal. There are hundreds of yakitori restaurants all over Tokyo, and now Brett Redman (of The Richmond, Haggerston and Eliot's) has partnered with first time restaurateur Natalie Lee-Joe with the aim of further popularising this Japanese street food in London.

The new restaurant will focus on a range of skewers, using all parts of the chicken, served alongside small plates and rice dishes. Skewers will include chicken wings with shiso and grilled lemon, parsons nose, and minced chicken and egg yolk. Vegetarian options will be oyster mushrooms, and aubergine with miso butter. Small plates include sesame and chilli marinated cucumber, crab and sweetcorn croquettes with chilli mayonnaise, and a scotch egg served with katsu curry sauce. Desserts sound great too, like the ginger ice cream with miso caramel, sweet potato crisps and black sesame praline. There will also be a range of sake, spirits and cocktails.

The restaurant will seat 40, with the custom made charcoal grill at its centre. We suggest nabbing a seat around it to get the best view of the action.

Jidori, 89 Kingsland High Street, E8 2BP

Soft launch: 4 and 5 December (50% off food). Official opening: 8 December.

Last Updated 04 December 2015