Eyecatching New Skyscraper For Penge

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Eyecatching New Skyscraper For Penge

Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen stand aside, for Penge will soon be home to one of the world's most attractive skyscrapers.

Number One Penge will rise above the streets of SE20, offering half a million square feet of new office space. The development will also incorporate around 300 new homes, almost a few of which will be affordable to local residents.

Its distinctive profile, which features purple-clad horizontals resting on twin towers, has led some local residents to dub the structure Stone Penge, a name already used in reference to a local rock feature.

The original Stone Penge, yesterday.

Developers Bully & Browbeat hope to involve locals in the project. "We're actively seeking community involvement," said Senior Project Spokesmanagementperson Darryl Clue. "Our aim — and I don't think it's too ambitious — is to have the tower built entirely by local volunteers. It's the ultimate in community engagement."

The new development will require demolition of all housing on Kenilworth, Clevedon and Royston roads, though this is not thought to be a problem. Local residents group We Know What's Best For Penge are supportive of the scheme. Spokesperson Jimmy Numbat told us: "What's not to like? The tower is eye-catching, sensitive to its surroundings and a real boon for the area. I can think of literally no objections".

A planning application has now been submitted.

Last Updated 31 March 2016