How To Make A Pom-Pom Pigeon Christmas Tree Decoration

Laura Reynolds
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How To Make A Pom-Pom Pigeon Christmas Tree Decoration

Want to decorate your Christmas tree with crafty decorations that you've made yourself?

Get creative and make a London-themed pom-pom pigeon for your tree this year. You can also make a London bus decoration.

You will need:

  • Grey wool
  • Cardboard
  • Silver/grey paint (we've used silver spray paint)
  • Scissors
  • Compass
  • Pen/pencil

Time required: 30 minutes + time for paint to dry

Step 1: Draw your bird onto a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut it out. Cut out a circle in the centre of the bird where the pom-pom will go. The circle needs to be big enough for the pom-pom to fit through, but not big enough that the cardboard edge rips. It doesn't matter if the circle isn't perfectly cut — your chopping skills won't be visible once the pom-pom is in place.

Step 2: Paint both sides of your cardboard bird. We've used silver spray paint for a Christmas effect — silver or grey paint will work just as well. It's worth going outside if you're using spray paint, not only to avoid making a mess but to avoid the fumes too.

Step 3: While you're waiting for the paint to dry, recall a childhood skill and create a pom-pom. Can't remember how to do it? Here's a helping hand. The pom-pom needs to fit inside the circle you've cut in your pigeon, so we suggest making the outer edge of your pom-pom-making "doughnut" the same size as the hole in the bird. The inner circle should be 1-1.5cm smaller. When you've finished making your pom-pom, tie it up, but not too tightly — there needs to be enough give in it to squeeze it through the hole.

Step 4: When the paint is completely dry, and your pom-pom is ready, slip it through the hole in your pigeon. Once it's in position, trim off any loose pom-pom ends and thread some ribbon or thread through the centre of the pom-pom to hang your bird from.

Step 5: Get creative with the eyes, beak and features. Might we suggest a couple of gnarled up pipe cleaners for legs?

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