Really Bad Christmas Cracker Jokes About The Tube

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Really Bad Christmas Cracker Jokes About The Tube
Christmas on Oxford Street London with a tube roundel in foreground
Image Andy Soloman/iStock

What do beer bellies and the station next to Kilburn Park have in common?

They're both Maida Vale

What's Santa's favourite tube station?


Why did the District line driver paint his tube carriages?

He was going to Turnham Green

If you're looking for a bishop or a castle, which station is your best bet?


Which DLR stop has the lowest form of wit?

Cutty Sarky

Where was Peter Rabbit's London home?


Which Bee Gees song about the Northern line featured on Saturday Night Fever?

Morden a Woman

Why do the Gunners wear football kits made from cotton?

Because Woolwich Arsenal

Which Overground station is the most stuffed?

Turkey Street

What was Amy Winehouse's favourite tube stop?

High Barnet

Why did Ken learn to appreciate brutalist architecture?

Because Barbican

Which Overground station do kids find disgusting?


Last Updated 30 October 2023