Venture Into The Park After Dark At Lights Festival

By Jo Connarty Last edited 37 months ago
Venture Into The Park After Dark At Lights Festival

How do you feel about heading to the park after dark? A little worried? A festival of lights taking place in east London is hoping to challenge that.

Little Light Nights brings after-dark puppetry, roving light shows, live music and dance to Bow Creek Ecology Park as a lighthearted (excuse the pun) way to get people to use their nearby green spaces after the sun's gone down.

Output Arts will be casting shadows onto a wall using a digital light installation (you can join in too); Fabric Lenny will be riding his Light-Trike around the site, making colourful projections on the move; while Spy Versus Spy will invite the public to play with their own image captured via a series of security cameras, then manipulated with a surreal mixture of abstract colour, analogue video and video game imagery.

Bringing the inside, outside at the festival

Watch the trailer for the events here. Little Light Nights festival takes place 21 November at Bow Creek Ecology Park 6pm-10pm and 28 November at the A13 Underpass, 6pm-11pm. Entrance is free

Last Updated 20 November 2015