London News Roundup: 'Shard II' Planned For Paddington

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London News Roundup: 'Shard II' Planned For Paddington
If it receives planning permission next month, Renzo Piano and Irvine Seller's 'Skinny Shard' will look like this
  • Cyclist smashes car window, showering sleeping baby with broken glass.
  • The 'Shard of the west' — from the people who brought you The Shard — will transform "messy and depressing" Paddington.
  • Uber launches dedicated service for disabled passengers.
  • Thousands sign Golborne Road 'anti-gentrification' petition.
  • Greenford tube station has now got this lift, which we've already ridden and will have a video of tomorrow...
  • ...In the meantime here's a video of London's first north-south cycle superhighway.
  • Flaming UFO lands in the middle of a road in Kingston. It might possibly be a pizza oven.

Last Updated 20 October 2015


Great to see 65 storeys of new housing being built right next to St Mary's Hospital in Paddington - the low-income key workers at the hospital will be thrilled. Assuming this is all affordable apartments, right?

Greg Tingey

Do we really need a n other towers, making London the space between "The Two Towers", when the "shard" already resembles Orthanc?
Presumably this will be called Barad-dur?
Thanks, but no thanks


I felt really angered by the developer's comments in the Standard. Paddington is not "soulless". It's one of the few areas of London that still has great character, including the red-brick Victorian postal depot that they will pull down for this. There are other better schemes that could go here. These "vibrant new quarters" always turn out coffee chains and tumbleweed.


Regarding the Paddington development where he says: "At the moment you only go to Paddington for two reasons — to catch a train or to see someone in hospital. It is soulless and has no life"

Oh yeah... well I am DEFINITELY be going to go there to go into yet another bloody Pret a Manger branch. Ooh that'll make it a destination to go to. Is it different here? Ooh I can get a "posh cheddar" sandwich whatever the fuck that is, that's different. The cheddar is posh here. Oh it's actually like about 5,000 other locations in London. Or maybe we'll get a Leon. Or an EAT. Only corporate mediocrity survives on these barren wastelands.

I'm not totally anti-development, but geeze... to think that this will be a panacea is deluded.