Finally! Camden Town Tube Station Upgrade Plans Are Released

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 72 months ago
Finally! Camden Town Tube Station Upgrade Plans Are Released
Artist's impression of the new station entrance, as seen from Kentish Town Road.

Camden Town tube station is just the worst. We can all agree on this. So it's with great joy we bring you news of Transport for London's (TfL) plan to sort it all out.

Talk of 'upgrading' Camden Town has been going on for at least 13 years, to our dim and distant memory; though thankfully this one doesn't involve knocking down the Electric Ballroom. Under these plans, there'll be a second station entrance and exit in Buck Street, on the site of a school that's moving out. Three new escalators will be installed; a new, wide concourse at the bottom of this new entrance would allow more space to change trains (finally); and those with mobility difficulties will be pleased to hear that Camden Town would be step-free. The current exit and entrance would remain in use, though why anyone would choose to use that crammed and hideous passageway, other than tradition, is beyond us.

The plans are open for consultation until 11 December and TfL expects there to be a public enquiry before the government grants permission (or not). Work wouldn't start until 2019 and finish before 2023. If there's a better argument for London's independence from Whitehall, we're yet to hear it.

Artist's impression of the new concourse.

Last Updated 13 October 2015