Free Buffalo Trace Whiskey Tastings At This Pop-Up Bar? Yes Please

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Free Buffalo Trace Whiskey Tastings At This Pop-Up Bar? Yes Please

This is a sponsored article on behalf of Buffalo Bourbon Empire Bar.

Puns and booze are two of our favourite things, so we'll give an approving nod and raise a glass of whiskey to the Buffalo Bourbon Empire Bar, popping up above old Shoreditch station for London Cocktail Week.

The booze comes from Buffalo Trace distillery, which has been making bourbon in Kentucky for over 200 years. The puns come courtesy of a series of cocktails, like I’ve Got 99 Bourbons, But A Beech Ain’t One and What’s My Sage Again? Our personal favourite, in terms of wordplay and ingredients, is If You Like It Then You Should Have Put A Sting On It, made with Buffalo Trace, vanilla liqueur, lemon and cranberry juices, cinnamon syrup and a splash of lemonade. Mmm, autumnal.

But it's not just about the drinking. For the five days it's open, the bar will be packing in a heavy roster of events. Take a journey through the history of American whiskey with the Thinking Drinkers, known for their sell out comedy show Guide to Alcohol, on Tuesday and Wednesday, entry £5. Another mere fiver gets you into one of several cocktail masterclasses, where mixologists teach you how to make cocktails like a pro (and you get two drinks as part of the deal). And for absolutely no entry fee you can be one of the first to sample this year's Buffalo Trace Antique Collection, with an expert on hand to guide you through.


The Buffalo Bourbon Empire Bar is at 1 Kingsland Road, Shoreditch E2 8AA, 5-10 October, 5pm until late.

Last Updated 07 October 2015