A Licence To Bounce - As High As You Can

Laura Reynolds
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A Licence To Bounce - As High As You Can
Release your inner big kid in the Airborne classes

Oh Acton-ers, you lucky, lucky people. Not only do you have (a frankly ridiculous) seven stations named after your neck of the woods, you may also be housing one of London's best secrets. Which we're about to share. Sorry about that.

London's first trampolining park opened in West Acton in July, just in time for the school holidays. No doubt it was overrun by little Londoners letting off steam for the first few weeks. Well, move over kids, it's the grown ups' turn on the toys now — as Oxygen launches fitness classes next week.

We had a sneaky preview of the classes on offer, Oxygen Rebound and Airborne, and a day later, we can barely lift our arms to type this. Weary legs we expected from a trampolining class, but the arm and stomach workouts were a bit of a curveball, albeit a welcome one.

Oxygen Rebound is a studio-based class, with each participant on their own Rebounder trampoline. It begins simple enough, with repeated choreographed steps and jumps. The wall of mirrors has the potential to quash the enthusiasm of the more self-conscious trampoliners, but the tone of the class is light-hearted, with plenty of opportunity for less coordinated participants to laugh at themselves — and yes, we count ourselves among this number.

Then comes the tough stuff, in the form of conditioning exercises based on and around the Rebounders. Stomach crunches, push-ups and tricep dips push us to the limit after the cardio of the earlier part of the class.

By contrast, Airborne is entirely cardio, based on larger trampolines out in the main trampolining zone: "Higher, as high as you can!" encourages Marina, the fitness instructor, a stark contrast from our parents telling us to calm down on the trampoline when we were kids.

The freedom is liberating; 20 adults of all ages throwing themselves as hard as they can into the air, attempting star jumps and lunges as they go — all in the name of fitness. If we're being honest, the place is wasted on little'uns.

Inspired? Oxygen fitness classes launch next week — see the website for more information and to book.

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Oxygen Rebound begins gently....
....and then come the conditioning moves.
Go nuts in the rest of the park.

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