9 Ways To Kill James Bond In London

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9 Ways To Kill James Bond In London

The past few Bond films have featured plenty of scenes set in London, culminating in an impressively silly tube sequence in Skyfall. We look at a few ways the bad guys could finish Bond off in the capital.

"No Mr Bond. I expect you to die. I have tied you to one of the gates of the Thames Barrier. First, I will detonate one of my nuclear weapons in the North Sea. Then the Environment Agency will be forced to close the barrier to prevent the ensuing giant wave from flooding London. When they do so, you shall be drowned. Mwa haa haa! (Or I could just shoot you.)"
Crush Bond between the segments of Thomas Heatherwick's rolling bridge in Paddington.
Leave him to the carnivorous ravens of the Tower of London. (Background image by ingo zwank, Creative Commons.)
Force him to swim in the Thames following a particularly heavy storm-dump of sewage.
Crushed by a batch of giant sugar-coated chocolates at M&M's World.
Remember the piranha pool in For Your Eyes Only? How about a shark tank in London Zoo's disused penguin pool?
Tampered parachute remotely steered into one of London's spikiest spires.
Leave Bond in the newly commissioned Lee Tunnel, London's deepest sewer. Open the feculent floodgates.
And here's one we made earlier. Reinstate the Walkie Talkie's ability to focus the sun's rays, and recreate that scene from Goldfinger.

Last Updated 24 November 2017