What Do You Call A Person From...?

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What Do You Call A Person From...?

'The residents, workers and socialites of Soho' is a cumbersome way of rounding up all the people who might have a relationship with that area. Why use many words when one will do? Hence, we have the term 'Sohemian', enshrined in the Sohemian Society, as a linguistic shorthand. It got us thinking... what handles can we use for the denizens of other London neighbourhoods? In the map above, and the list below, we suggest a handful of possibilities. Some are in common usage already, others we've made up. Just as a bit of fun, like.

  • Barnetos (the medieval name for the area was Barneto)
  • Bixles (similarly, the medieval name for Bexley is Bixle)
  • Brentsters
  • Bushfolk (Shepherd's Bush)
  • Camberwellies
  • Chelsaurians
  • Crouchender
  • Croydonites
  • Doggers (for Isle of Dogs folks)
  • Hammersmithies
  • The Honourable Sirs and Gracious Ladies of Knightsbridge
  • Hoxtonites
  • Isleworthies
  • The Kew Continuum
  • Millhillbillies
  • New Crossers
  • Ovaloids
  • Kenningtonians
  • Marylebonham-twistleton-delevingnians
  • Pengers
  • Streathamites
  • Suttonians
  • Wandsworthians
  • Wombles (of Wimbledon)

And then, of course, there's a Londonist — one who makes the most of London.

There are still about 1,000 London areas we've not covered, so please let loose in the comments...

Last Updated 21 October 2016