It's For You: Londonist Phone Case

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It's For You: Londonist Phone Case

(Ring ring, ring ring)

You: Hello?

Us: Hello, it's Londonist.

You: Are you trying to sell me something?

Us: Yes. The coolest phone case, like, ever. It's got our logo on it, and is available for iPhone 5 and 6, and Galaxy S5 and S6.

You: You've won me over. I'll take seven.

Without one of these stylish Londonist phone covers, your phone shouldn't really be out in public. The cases are tough as they are sexy, and branded with a high quality logo print.

The only problem now is that people will keep interrupting your calls to pay you a compliment.

Browse the Londonist Collection now.

Last Updated 22 August 2015