Reader Offer: £30 Off A Hotel Room On Tube Strike Night

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Reader Offer: £30 Off A Hotel Room On Tube Strike Night

This is a reader offer from HotelTonight.

Map shows when is it cheaper to get a hotel for the night rather than a taxi home from central London - click for bigger version

Tube strike days can leave you feeling stranded in central London. Last minute hotel-booking app, HotelTonight, is offering first time bookers £30 off a hotel room* to ease the pain this week.

Commuters can face an epic struggle if they can't leave town early and a cab home could make you cry at the end of a long day. What if — for the same price — you could stay over in the city, sleep in a comfortable bed, get some room service and avoid next morning's transport woes to boot?

HotelTonight has created the map above to show at what point it is financially better to book a hotel for the night rather than ride in a cab. They analysed the pricing of its hotels in London over the course of a week, and found that those stranded could get a hotel from as low as £60, even at 1am.

The map shows how far the cost of a room could take someone stranded via an Uber, Addison Lee and a London black cab. From Leicester Square, HotelTonight calculated distances to create ‘Zones’ from publicly-available tariffs at 1am on a Friday. A black cab would take you as far as Barking, an Addison Lee wouldn’t get you past Uxbridge and an Uber (with 1.75 surcharge for a Friday night) would just about get you to Welwyn Garden City.

Suddenly, you have another option. Try it out this week.

First time HotelTonight bookers can use promo code LONDONIST to get £30 off their hotel room*.

*Terms & conditions:
Value: £30 off for first time bookers with a £70 minimum spend (i.e. you pay at least £40)
Valid: From 3 August through until the end of day 10 August

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Last Updated 03 August 2015