Guns Galore Used To Promote Peace

Tabish Khan
By Tabish Khan Last edited 104 months ago
Guns Galore Used To Promote Peace
A statement on how easy it is to access weapons. Image copyright McCrow Art

Carl McCrow makes sensationalised art using guns and ammunition to draw attention to the proliferation of arms around the world, and the death and devastation this causes.

We first saw his work two years ago at the gallery@oxo where deactivated guns were adorned with a barcode and a Fisher Price logo. It neatly captured the sheer scale of weapons manufacture and the fact that many end up in the hands of children.

McCrow is now back at the same venue with his  latest works, and from these images it looks like they've lost none of their cutting edge and willingness to tackle a major political issue affecting the world today.

With his 'paintings' made of bullets and his use of the AK-47, an assault rifle that is freely available in many countries, the artist is highlighting a plight that seldom gets mentioned in the news — the lives that are lost by the massive global arms trade.

McCrow: One Less Gun is on at gallery@Oxo, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank is on until 6 September. The exhibition is open 11am-7pm every day and admission is free.

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An assault rifle made of bullets. Image copyright McCrow Art
A skull also made from bullets. Image copyright McCrow Art
Said skull seen up close. Image copyright McCrow Art
Captain America punches Hitler in an iconic comic scene replicated on a canvas made from bullets. Also a comment on how Hollywood often glamourises violence and gun culture. Image copyright McCrow Art
Another bullet canvas, this time with the Mona Lisa. Image copyright McCrow Art
A peace sign on top of a bed of bullets. Image copyright McCrow Art

Last Updated 21 August 2015