A Question Of Animal Sculptures

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A Question Of Animal Sculptures

London contains many animal sculptures, from tiny mice to roaring lions. We thought we'd collect together some of our favourites in one place; and where better than the penguin enclosure at London Zoo, which has long lacked any inhabitants.

Our slightly dodgy Photoshop job contains 20 animal sculptures. Where in London can you normally find each one?

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Last Updated 01 September 2015

Francesca Fenn

Love this quiz (especially the dead parrot...)! I can get most of them, especially South Bank Lion & Hodge, both escorts in a Step Outside Guide. Please add Baby Tembo - probably the nicest animal sculpture in London! (He's just moved house, but only by about 50 metres)

Lindsey Berthoud

For a minute there I thought you'd included the Sunshine Garden Centre gorilla http://www.bowesandbounds.org/...