Video: An Employee's Revenge On Robert Maxwell

Geoff Marshall
By Geoff Marshall Last edited 34 months ago
Video: An Employee's Revenge On Robert Maxwell

Holborn Circus was once the headquarters of hated media mogul Robert Maxwell. And it was his habit of (literally) taking the piss that led one disgruntled employee to try and take revenge using a brick and a wind sock, as Mark Mason explains.

Mark is the author of Walk The Lines and website The Importance of Being Trivial and can be found on Twitter @WalktheLinesLDN"

Last Updated 08 July 2015


That's outside my office, literally where he's standing. Never knew all those times of walking past that Maxwell had been so prominent there. Makes a difference to the usual Queen Elizabeth knowledge!


What an intelligent revenge it was, I salute those employee-)))) even though the innocent pilot could suffer


I know that a cartoon was published once where, in amongst the graffitti on a wall that was part of it, someone, at some point in production had added "Maxwell is a c***". It was printed in its millions and they never found out who did it.