Fragmented Architecture And Unsettling Music

Spazio Visivo Beyond Sight: Paolo Cavinato & Stefano Trevisi ★★★★☆

Tabish Khan
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Fragmented Architecture And Unsettling Music Spazio Visivo Beyond Sight: Paolo Cavinato & Stefano Trevisi 4
Architectural pieces take over one of the upstairs walls. Image courtesy Rosenfeld Porcini
A miniature forest and our favourite work in the show. Image courtesy Rosenfeld Porcini
The infinity mirror effect is used to make some of these architectural creations look larger on the inside. Image courtesy Rosenfeld Porcini
Viewed through a viewfinder the image coalesces into an unsettling 3D image. Image courtesy Rosenfeld Porcini
The same installation seen from side on as fragments. Image courtesy Rosenfeld Porcini

Londonist Rating: ★★★★☆

A chaotic assemblage of architectural fragments hanging within a frame greet the visitor upon entering the Rosenfeld Porcini gallery. When viewed from the right perspective however these pieces perfectly align to form a three dimensional image with a shadowy figure peering out from behind a door frame and an eye staring back at us.

This unsettling view is compounded by the eerie musical composition that plays as we begin to explore. It’s a seamless blend of architectural art and music complementing each other and enhancing our experience of this exhibition.

Another wall upstairs is littered with similar architectural fragments that act as a nice set-up for the more complete works downstairs. The larger pieces are in this lower gallery, where mirrors are used to create more complete architectural forms and an infinity mirror makes part of the space inside seem to go on forever.

Our favourite work is a view through some 'trees' within a small installation, as water dripping from above sets off mesmerising ripples of shadows travelling across the work.

The exhibition finishes off with a work visitors can step inside, thus completing a journey that started with fragments, moving through complete works before finally the visitor becomes part of a work.

Architecture and art don’t always make the best of bedfellows, but in this case the two come together brilliantly and it’s the best combination of these two art forms we've seen since the excellent Sensing Spaces.

Spazio Visivo | Beyond Sight: Paolo Cavinato & Stefano Trevisi is on at Rosenfeld Porcini, 37 Rathbone St, W1T 1NZ until 30 September. Entrance is free.

Last Updated 29 July 2015