London Loves... Sharing Londony Songs

By Zoe Craig Last edited 43 months ago
London Loves... Sharing Londony Songs

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You spot someone cute on the bus, headphones in, head nodding, clearly deeply into their music. A romantic playlist starts forming in your head. Back in the day, you could slip them a mix tape. Technology has moved on: now you can send them a song, via Happn and Spotify.

Download dating app Happn for free today, and you'll be matched up with other Happn users in the area using real-time, hyper-local information. All Happn users have access to Spotify, whether you're a Spotify subscriber or not. It's the only dating app with a song-sharing option; if you like the idea of sending love songs instead of love letters, download it now.

Pondering which local London love songs you should share? If music be the food of love, read on...

An empty bench in Soho Square

Kirsty's waiting for Mr Right in the titular quadrangle. Head there today, and you'll find the lyrics engraved on a bench near the south entrance in MacColl's memory. Bonus points if you combine a Happn connection, this song and a birthday: surely kisses will follow...

A heart of glass or a heart of stone?

'Just you wait til I get you home.' Ooh, Neil. This synthpop classic oozes flirty, saucy possibilities. Tennant has since admitted the song's actually, 'about rough boys getting a bit of posh.' Just so you know, before you go sharing it with other Happn users.

A place for romancing

In 1954 Battersea Park was clearly the place to be. It's making Petula improbably chirpy, with promises of 'music and dancing' in this string-fuelled easy-listening ditty that sounds like something out of Oliver!. South London oom pah pah at its very best...

I am in paradise

Share this absolute, solid-gold London anthem with your own Terry or Julie on Happn, and maybe you'll be in paradise too. (If they don't call you out for being a total cliché...)

I took shelter from a shower / And I stepped into your arms

Soho does funny things to people. It even made a romantic out of the perennially pissed-up Shane MacGowan. This song's included on every Greatest Hits album the band has released; share with fellow Soho-based Happn users, and maybe it'll make it onto yours?

See the sun go down on Primrose Hill

John and Beverley Martyn already know about falling in love: they're husband and wife. And judging by this song, they already know the most romantic place to watch a London sunset: Primrose Hill. True in 1970; true in 2015. Some things never change.

Meet me by the entrance of the Tube

OK, so romance hasn't gone well for Duffy this time. But Warwick Avenue is such a great song, we really wanted to include it. And there's clearly been some good times, otherwise, what's she so upset about? She's found love once; we reckon she'll find it again. Maybe a bit further down the Bakerloo line?

Did we miss your favourite London love song? Let us know which London-themed songs you'd like to share with fellow single Londoners in the comments below.

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Last Updated 03 August 2015