Is This The Poshest Drop-Down Menu Ever?

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Is This The Poshest Drop-Down Menu Ever?


Not a fan of labels? Then you might want to avoid contacting Harrods. When emailing the Kensington department store to see if they've got any Gucci chihuahuas or gold-plated chewing gum in stock (we were after the latter), you'll be asked to confirm your title. And we're not just talking Mr, Mrs or Miss here — there are over 40 to choose from, including Viscount, Doctor, Reverend, Dame, Lieutenant Commander, Brigadier, Mademoiselle, (the wonderfully old fashioned) Mr & Mrs, Her Royal Highness, and plain old boring Lord. And just in case you're wondering if you HAVE to pigeonhole yourself like this — yes, all fields are required.


The whole thing is ripe for a social experiment. Does moonlighting as a Wing Commander mean you'll get a quicker response? If you claim to be Her Royal Highness, does your reply come back in a special gilded email? And who has more clout out of a Viscountess or a Begum? Why not give it a whirl and see what happens.


Come across any ludicrous London-related drop-down menus? We'd like to know.

Last Updated 27 March 2018


I might just give it a go.I've always fancied myself as a Baron.

Steve James

The Royal Opera House puts Harrods to shame with over 100 titles to choose from


The ROH list is indeed awesome. You can pick King. But the best bit about the ROH registration is that someone clearly checks the title you pick against Debretts or whatever the official source is.

I survived for a while as 'King Daniel' but was unceremoniously downgraded to a Mr after a few months.


I've been a brigadier in globe correspondence for years! Always forget when I actually go to pick up my tickets and get a funny look...

Frederick Dawson

I'm an Air Commander as far as the Globe theatre is concerned. They've got an excellent list and evidently no one checks as I've been one for years.


Alumni details for some universities have lists a lot like this these days. I'm guessing that Oxbridge probably have the most baroque selections, but Imperial's is certainly at least this extended.


Mine's there, although I always use plain Mr.

Eugene O'Callaghan

I know of at least 200+ but east sure it was +20. Bravo

Michael Wohl

Have a look at the Friends of Shakespeare's Globe dropdown. I receive post from them addressed to 'Prince Michael Wohl.'


The V and A probably wins with the title Her Imperial Majesty (which is what I went for, since it didn't have His Imperial Majesty as a choice) but loses because whilst it has the title Dr and Mrs, it does not have the title Dr and Mr.


I just tried to register and got Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms and Dr as the options...


It's not unusual. Liberty also has this. Britain has many Royals, aristocrats, clergy and honoured citizens.
One should also know the correct manner of addressing them.
To a Briton, this is not unexpected.


You did not mention the underground city beneath Harrods. Its so large that they have electric trains to service the many "shops". Then you have the "secret Harrods" of Han's Square! with tunnels going from Harrods Knightsbridge to Harrods, Han's square.Ex Harrod's empolyee 1982