How Far Do Londoners Live From Green Spaces?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 43 months ago
How Far Do Londoners Live From Green Spaces?

Recently, we asked you what you've always wanted to know about London. Many of you sent in your questions, and we'll do our best to answer them (although we won't be able to answer every one — some things are best left as a mystery).

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Jennifer emailed us asking what the average walking distance for a Londoner to get to a green space or park is. While we can't give you the answer borough by borough, or for the entirety of London, we can give you the answer based on Londonist readers' nearest green spaces.

We asked our readers on Facebook and Google+ how long it took them to walk to their nearest green space. For the purposes of this extremely in-depth and oh-so-scientific research, we defined a green space as "your nearest park or green space? Y'know, the sort of place you might go to read a book on a sunny day". See, very scientific.

Nearly 100 of you answered, with responses ranging from less than one minute to 40 minutes. For those of you who were very precise, we rounded up your responses to the nearest minute for ease of mathematics. The result was that the average Londonist reader lives 11.2 minutes walk from their nearest park or green space. Not bad, really, for a city this size.

Got a London question? Send your questions to with “London Question” in the subject line, and we’ll do our best to get your query straightened out on the site. Feel free to send any relevant pictures too. We can’t guarantee we’ll know the answer to absolutely everything you throw at us, but we’re always game for a challenge. 

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Last Updated 05 August 2015