Find Archive Film Footage Of Your Postcode

By Stuart Black Last edited 19 months ago
Find Archive Film Footage Of Your Postcode


Did you know that the BFI has an interactive ‘film map’ that allows you to search for archive videos made in your local area? Tap in your postcode and the site brings up any films it has related to said location.

The collection ranges from 1895 to the present day and includes adverts, newsreels, government-made films, TV shows and movies, as well as the world's earliest home movies dating back to 1902.

London is particularly well represented, though it has to be said that the search can yield fairly broad results — better to think in terms of larger areas like the East End or the City rather than your local launderette.

Ultimately the aim is so create a huge interactive library that will offer instant insights into the past and easy access to a rich variety of material once locked away in warehouses and dusty attics. The BFI is keen for the public to get involved too, so the collection can expand further.


Near Londonist Towers we found a couple of nuggets including the wonderful travelogue London Off The Track (1924), which includes some fascinating shots of Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese pub where you can tuck into “rumpsteak, kidneys, oysters, mushrooms and larks all served up in one glorious pudding.”

Stills from the BFI website.

Last Updated 14 October 2016


Well that bombed out nicely!!! I just tried he BFI website and found a 5 minute film where I grew up in South Woodford and was promptly told that I couldn't view from my location (Clogland... in other words Netherlands) So all us ex pats are fed sugar coated information that there is a well of film footage on line relating to our homes and lives and we can't watch. Nice one BFI or was I supposed to throw dosh at some website so I could view?