15 Reasons Why Flatsharing In London Is A Good Idea

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15 Reasons Why Flatsharing In London Is A Good Idea

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Find the right flat and the right people to share it with and life in London can suddenly be so much more affordable, enjoyable and sociable. Sharers can inhabit bigger places, split the bills and find support in a new readymade network of friends and contacts in the capital.

This infographic from Weroom, the free online service that wants to help you find the ideal ​housemate​ or tenant, illustrates some more good reasons to flatshare. Will it convince you?


In our experience, the toilet roll will run out however many people you live with.

Weroom is the first global community platform dedicated to flatsharing​ designed to ​​help people find a home, but most importantly, the people to share it with​.​ ​It's a free service that enables members to browse the best room offers, to list their own spare room and to find the ideal ​housemate​ or tenant. ​It​ connect​s​ ​a community of flatsharers in a simple, fluid and intuitive way, making Weroom a unique platform that put​s​ forward​ not just price, place and location​ but also ​lifestyle and personality. To find out more, visit weroom.com.

Last Updated 15 July 2015

Clunking Fist

Other benefits:
- When you grab your toothbrush in the morn, it's already wet.
- There're little yellow puddles on the floor in front of the loo.
- At other times, there's a sprinkle of little yellow or yellow/red crusties on the floor in front of the loo.
- You swear you bought some choc last week, but there's no choc to be had, even though you were SURE you had slipped it behind your headboard.
- There's never any milk
- (Emersion heaters only) there's only enough hot water for two showers in the morn, and you flat share with 3 others.
- One of your flatmates is vegan, great fun if you take turnabout cooking
- Inexplicably, the bathroom lock seems to fail a lot, and one flatmate in particular always seems to fail to notice that the room is already occupied. Maybe he has some hearing damage that affects the frequency range corresponding to the noise of water running, too.
- sharing soap with men is always fun. And if you have your own soap, it will, inexplicably, still have curly dark hairs stuck to it when you come to use it.