The Secret Life Of A Quiz Master

By Stuart Black Last edited 43 months ago
The Secret Life Of A Quiz Master

Today’s London Short dares to go behind the glitz and glamour that comes with being a pub quiz master. Yes, he may be the man other men want to be and women want to be with, but it’s not easy out there on the floor. The guy with all the answers is played perfectly here by Tom Kerevan who did actually live the dream by being quiz master in the three pubs featured in this brilliant mockumentary.

The film was directed by Isabelle Sieb and shot on location in Wandsworth’s The Roundhouse, The County Arms and The Elephant on the Hill. She filmed Kerevan in character as Tommy Q while he was hosting real quizzes.

Sieb told Londonist: "The idea came from Tom being a trained actor and professional writer, as well as a quiz master. I had just wrapped filming a short musical, which was done on a much bigger scale and really wanted to direct a project that was smaller and less stressful and would allow for improvisation."

Sieb is German and started making films in South Africa, but is now firmly rooted in London: "To me, there is London as a city, which is one of the most fascinating and inspiring places on the planet; then there is London as a film industry. To me, this is even greater and what made me choose this city to pursue my career. Filmmakers here are at the top of their game and the quality of work, in my opinion, is unparalleled in Europe and, to some extent, even worldwide. Yet at the same time, the film community is still quite small and personal and the people you get to work with are genuine and nice and certainly don't do their jobs for the money. This is what makes London special to me as a filmmaker and I can't see myself working anywhere else long term."

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Last Updated 05 June 2015