Flatsharers: How Do You Pick Where To Live In London?

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Flatsharers: How Do You Pick Where To Live In London?

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You could be sitting on a beach with your new flatmates this summer

Why do you live where you live? Flatsharing website weroom.com surveyed 1,000 London flatsharers to find out their reasons for living in their borough. Was it clean streets, public transport connections, nightlife, parks and gardens, or the quality of the pubs?

The survey data was turned into an interactive infographic which presents some interesting information. We'd agree that Westminster is well-connected and Hammersmith and Fulham has good pubs, but who knew Hounslow was so good for supermarkets, Bromley is big on restaurants and Sutton feels clean?


People's preferences were also used to align stereotypes for different areas — the Newham night-cap drinker, the Lewisham arty type, the Hillingdon rocker — look. While such generalisations should be taken with a bucketful of salt, they serve to remind us what a huge and diverse capital we inhabit and how daunting it can seem to make an informed decision on where to look for a place to rent, and find the sort of people you'd like to share with.

Weroom offers a solution. It's the first global community platform dedicated to flatsharing​ designed to ​​help people find a home, but most importantly, the people to share it with​.​ ​It's a free service that enables members to browse the best room offers, to list their own spare room and to find the ideal ​housemate​ or tenant. ​It​ connect​s​ ​a community of flatsharers in a simple, fluid and intuitive way, making Weroom a unique platform that put​s​ forward​ not just price, place and location​ but also ​lifestyle and personality. To find out more, visit weroom.com.

Last Updated 25 June 2015