Day-Long Fiesta Of Short Films In Islington

By Ioanna Karavela Last edited 108 months ago

Last Updated 09 June 2015

Day-Long Fiesta Of Short Films In Islington

Match, one of the films in the Strong selection.

Short Sighted Cinema may sound like it’s for people with fuzzy vision sat in the front row, but the eagle-eyed curators who run things there are known for spotting the best new short films around. And as Oscar-winning short film director Mat Kirkby once told us: “A night of good shorts can be like a tasting menu at a Michelin starred restaurant.” So we highly recommend popping along to Shortest Nights, an all-dayer on 21 June that aims to show off the hidden gems Short Sighted Cinema have found.

The films include stories of a man who can talk to the dead with his stomach, the inner desires of a magician's rabbit, an ex-con cage-fighter and a glimpse into the sensual adult lives of Wendy Darling and Tinkerbell.

The event runs from noon to midnight at Islington’s Electrowerkz with seven themed sessions, each lasting between one and two hours. Films range from creepy comedy to offbeat animation and hard-hitting drama. There’ll also be workshops, panel discussions with the filmmakers and a chance to chat about the work over beer and a barbecue.

Shortest Nights is at the Electrowerkz in Islington on 21 June, 12am to 12pm. Tickets are £5 per session (or £25 for the whole day). The London event will act as a curtain raiser for a national tour with the films to be screened at music festivals, community cinemas and pop-ups.