Londonist Says You Should Vote For... Whoever The F*** You Like

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Londonist Says You Should Vote For... Whoever The F*** You Like

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Newspapers really want you to vote the way they say, don't they? The front pages of today's papers are kind of hilarious, so long as you don't believe in the concept of a fair and balanced press:

  • "For sanity's sake, don't let a class war zealot and the SNP destroy our economy — and our very nation" says the Mail
  • The Express leads with "Why you must vote for UKIP" before acknowledging in smaller letters that this is a statement by Nigel Farage
  • "Major Fail" screams The Mirror, citing something ex-PM John Major has apparently said about Cameron.

It's almost as if — bear with us, we know this is a shocking concept — the media isn't here in all of our best interests. It's like they're a business or something, with a need to make money, and proprietors who have vested interests. So when it looks like Labour is about to sweep across London (a new poll puts Labour on 46% in the capital, 13% ahead of the Conservatives), it's probably no surprise that the Evening Standard followed its sister paper The Independent in calling for a Tory vote.

We think that's an insult to your intelligence. As though you can't be trusted to know your own mind. You live here, you can see with your own eyes what needs fixing. And you can decide for yourself what you think the solutions to those problems are and which party might be best placed to offer that. If you were to ask us, we'd suggest you ponder who'd do most to fix the housing crisis, but we're not going to point you in any one direction (mainly because we don't think any one party has all the answers, but that's an argument for another day).

Take a look at what the parties are promising London in their manifestos. See what we think's going to happen in your local constituency, based on recent polling. Then make sure you go out and vote — for whoever the f*** you think is best.

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Last Updated 06 May 2015