You Can Make Phone Calls On The Tube From Friday

James Drury
By James Drury Last edited 37 months ago
You Can Make Phone Calls On The Tube From Friday

Get ready to see a lot more of this type of thing.

Rejoice/commiserate: from Friday people will be able to make phone calls while on the Underground.

Network provider EE is launching a service which will mean phone signals will switch over to wifi without interruption allowing people to continue talking even when at Hampstead station (the deepest station below street level).

Initially it will only be available to people with Lumia 640 phones and the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, but it's expected to be rolled out to iPhone users by summer.

With wifi only available on the platforms of the 150 stations equipped with the service, expect an explosion of "I'm just going into a tunnel" to erupt on carriages. We're wondering if it'll engender a new addition to the Londoner's vocabulary.

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Last Updated 08 April 2015


people already can!

This is nothing new... providers such as Three do a call over Wi-Fi service. Then you have the likes of Skype and now Whatsapp.

So while you are not wrong about the EE service, to say that it will suddenly cause calls underground where there were none before is wrong.

Also, FWIW, I doubt the EE service will work as you describe. Wi-Fi tends to be at platform level, but not in the corridors and escalators etc (which can be numerous in many stations). To get from cell signal to Wi-Fi I would suspect will be unlikely. Also Virgin Media makes you often view a landing page to activate their Wi-Fi - again interrupting the process.


There's also UMA calling that has been supported on phones such as BlackBerry ones.


facebook calling been doing this for ages!!


"It's expected to be rolled out to iPhone users by summer"

James Guppy

Another reason for more Tube rage...


Jesus!!! So now I have to listen to brainless twats on the phone on the tube as well. It was bad enough in the bus. Never mind making phone use available on the tube, how about phone 'blocking' technology on the bus. There are a lot of people out there that don't know how to behave in public. Talking loudly, having arguments, shouting down the phone with no regard for those around them and then getting aggressive with anyone who might suggest they keep it down.
No, I am not a killjoy, no I am not against technology, but do we 'really' need to be subjected to having to listen to other people's phone calls absolutely everywhere!? The tube was actually one of the only places in London where there was some kind of calm. (Save for the mindless fits who find it necessary to play their personal stereos too loud).


Oh Lordy - please no. It going to enable nobbers who think it's ok to subject people to their loud protracted phone call. It's so rude!


It works already, as someone mentioned on three. however, the switching service between WiFi and cell tower is good enough, but will only get better once my company BT gets a hold of EE and combines their more 'building penetrative' spectrum with EE's general outdoors spectrum and then combines it with BT's own WiFi/cell switching tech thats keeps getting slicker. I thinks it's a good thing. No bother on the platform and corridors, but never on trains! Already bad enough on SWT and other commuter links! :-)

Lars Christiansen

Having made phone calls on the tube for almost a year now, I find it works fine while on the platform, but not on the train. It simply takes too long to establish the WIFI connection, so when connected.. no time for actually making the call.. before you are too far from the antennas on the platform.


Man many points below point out the wrongs in this article, another being iPhone users will be able to use it immediately..


Garry Hunter

Has no-one considered how easy it is to detonate a bomb with a mobile phone ?


In Paris you can speak on the phone in between stations - but I think this has to do with the fact that the metro is very close to street level. But I always laugh at Londoner's expressions when Parisians on the Metro are blabbing their heads off on their mobiles.


I've already made calls on the tube via the Three app that I've got.. the only difference to this, is that no app is required.

Poor Journalism IMO....


Thanks to half a lifetime of travelling daily on the tube I can consider myself rather well read. Reading books and papers was always one of the (few) pleasures afforded by long journeys between the suburbs and central London.

In recent years, any concentrated reading on the open-air parts of the tube has so often been frustrated by people who think nothing of sharing their work, domestic arrangements, arguments, gossip and sex lives with everyone within earshot by rabbiting loudly on their phones. Daily, I breathe a sigh of relief as soon as the train enters the tunnel and these idiots are left bleating "Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello? Hel..." until they realise they've been silenced.

News that the whole of London will be able to chatter incessantly for entire journeys is soul destroying.

Sue Stolze-Beland

Whether or not is long been available to make mobile phone calls underground is just so much semantics..... I hate and abhor having to listen to strangers waffling on in mostly very loud voices about some irrelevant meeting only of interest to themselves, or what time to meet at what pub and the most annoying is having to hear about the personal lives of people totally unknown.... what ever happened to the joy of reading be it book or newspaper and why oh why are the so many people who are unable to go more than 60 seconds without fiddling with a mobile game or sending text messages to one of their so-called 350 best friends? Are people under the age of 65 so insecure or frightened of missing contact? Am I only one of a handful of people who actually enjoy their own company and can definitely go more than a week if needed without actually speaking to anyone either on the phone or personally? What a world of sheep you have all become, bleating and baaing at each other! I much prefer the woolly version if I'm honest. Turn those bl....y phones OFF and enjoy some quiet time and give those around you some peace too!