Where To Watch The Leaders' Debate Tonight

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Where To Watch The Leaders' Debate Tonight


There's a debate happening tonight. Some of you may want to watch it, others probably just want to get on with celebrating Easter. To sate you all, here are our suggestions of where you can see the debate screened, and otherwise, the aptly-named pubs in which to avoid it.

Where to watch tonight's election debate

Tonight's debate features the leaders of the Conservatives, Greens, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, and SNP and UKIP. It will be televised on ITV and Sky News between 8pm and 10pm. If you don't have a TV, you can watch a live stream via Sky News's website.

The Frontline Club in Paddington will be showing the debate live, free entry but prebook.

The Institute of Economic Affairs on Lord North Street will screen the debate to an audience of under-30s. You'll need to email them to RSVP.

Debating London will couple a live screening with a coaching session on the skills of debating. It's also free and at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We made calls, we asked on Twitter, but we're as yet unable to find any pubs or bars who are making a thing about screening the leaders' debate. If you know different, please leave a comment below, and we'll update the list.

Prime Ministerial Pubs

Will Londoners one day be drinking in the Cameron Arms or the Miliband Inn? At least six former PMs are remembered in the names of London pubs. The tally would be higher if we included titled leaders like the Duke of Devonshire, the Duke of Grafton and, of course, the Duke of Wellington.

So, if you don't want to watch seven party leaders shouting each other down on TV, consider a quiet pint in one of these prime ministerial pubs.

The Henry Addington is a Nicholson's pub in Canary Wharf. Addington (1757-1844) was PM in the early 19th Century. He's largely forgotten these days, but was responsible for the Martello towers built around the coast to ward off Napoleon. In a remarkable career, he also served as doctor to George III, during the monarch's 'madness'.

The George Canning is a bright blue pub in Denmark Hill. The man himself was Britain's shortest serving Prime Minister. He died in office in 1827, after just five months in charge.

The Churchill Arms in Notting Hill is famous for its over-the-top hanging baskets and cluttered interior. Winston Churchill was not only Britain's most famous PM, but also a noted drinker and is therefore a common namesake for pubs up and down the country.

The Gladstone Arms in Borough is among our favourite pubs. Affectionately referred to as The Glad, it recalls William Gladstone, Prime Minister four times during the reign of Victoria.


Sir Robert Peel in Walworth commemorates the founder of the Peelers, or Bobbies, who we now call the Metropolitan Police. The two-times Prime Minister is also remembered in a pub in Kentish Town.

Lord John Russell was a prominent Whiggish politician who ran the show in the mid-19th century. His Bloomsbury pub is decent enough, if not remarkable.

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